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“ New Turkey ”  2015  wood and metal 130 x 45 x 20 cm





“In this contrary and fruitful in-between, Ahmet Özparlak’s wood and metal sculpture ‘New Turkey’ suggests something completely different and outspoken. Özparlak uses ready-made forms of the art-historical ‘Nude’ and ‘Still-Life’ to comment on the conditions that Turkey deals with in 2015. His commentary is once again rebellious, surreal and political, which stems from a naked, personal reality, tangible proximity and absurd truth. Özparlak’s fresh, ‘full-flesh’ sculpture does not differ from a vivid, radical suggestion based on the act of exposure and judgement of select visitors to whom the exchange of standing artworks is mentioned in between myth and meta. Presumably, the rose fastened to the privates of this plump animal body that hangs on the hook of life takes us back to our prejudices of nihilism. It is as though from the very beginning, it returns these to us in excess with a Dadaist smile.”



                                                                                                                                                Evrim ALTUG




Elgiz Museum Terrace Exhibiton “Ufuk Hattı / Skyline”  is taken from the catalog essay.