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“The mother who was killed on the street of a glorified”  2016   20 pieces headscarf ,wood and metal 


Now there is only one way for the women willing to protect their children from the bullets, transforming their white headscarves, with which they cover their heads everyday, to white flags by attaching them to ordinary sticks found in the battlefield.Ode to mothers of war, wishing all white flags unite to demolish the guns…



…for all of mother on the world.


On December 18, while returning home from a neighbor's home, Taybet Inan, 57, a mother of 11, was murdered by sharpshooters in Silopi. Her family started its struggle, trying to take her body from the street. Her brother-in-law, Yusuf Inan, tried to help; sharpshooters killed him in the garden of his house. When Inan's husband also tried, he too was shot. Her son, Mehmet Inan, said the family was keeping the body of Yusuf Inan in the basement.


"The prosecutor and the police told us we could get my mother's body from the street if we held a white flag," said Mehmet Inan "but when we went outside, there were bullets fired even at that."


On December 25 -- seven days after Taybet Inan was murdered -- her family was finally able to retrieve her body, and put it, with their uncle's, in the morgue of the hospital.